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The Ark of Refuge is....

Sustenance: The maintaining of someone or something in life or existence.

The Ark of Refuge currently has outreach centers in every county we operate. These counties are  Sacramento County, San Francisco County and Alameda County (Congressional Districts: 3, 6,11, and 13). The total population of these districts combined is 3,313,000. As of 2019, the cumulative transient population is 21,627, half of which are Transitional Age Youth , 23% Chronic, 17% In-Shelter , and the remainder living in uninhabitable circumstances.

The Ark of Refuge is a 501c3 Non Profit that has been catering to transient populations since 1992.  Our mission is to provide perpetual sustenance programs to both adults and transitional age youth within the State of California. Our overall goal is to eliminate homelessness and its leading factors. We do this by providing access to temporary housing, rental assistance, crisis transportation, food distribution and much more. 

Food Distribution Program 
Child Nutrition   Senior Hunger   Daily Meals   Food Pantry   SNAP Assistance   

In an effort to end communal hunger we attack the root of the problem for most, which is hunger. Most bad decisions stem from not having adequate nutrition for proper bodily and brain function. The mission of the food distribution program is to provide inner-city communities with a perpetual sustenance program that is nutritious and reliable. We do this through Senior Hunger Diversion Programs , SNAP Application Assistance, Summer Meal Disbursements for Children , Daily Meal Distribution and Hot Meals on holidays.

Poverty Diversion Program
Employment and Housing  Rental Assistance   Care Grant   Commissary Deposits

Once we’re successful in helping people get off the streets, the real test begins. If it takes nine months to get someone into housing, it may take twice that long working with them in an apartment environment before they feel fully capable and comfortable with taking care of themselves. Poverty diversion teams will monitor their situations, and help young renters build a life centered around their community. If they need help with furniture, clothes, rental assistance, we provide that. 

Youth Programs
TAY Shelters   Group Home Placement   Host Homes  Transitional & Independent Living

The Ark of Refuge aims to provide: Access to shelter Warm meals Peer support, California IDs & birth certificates, Emancipation Assistance, Laundry services, Employment assistance,  Educational assistance, Case management services, Creative workshops, Therapeutic groups, Showers,and Crisis intervention. Once enrolled in our programs youth are placed on a 2 year stabilization track beginning at age 16.


Additionally, groups such as anger management, homelessness, employment, trauma, grief and loss, stress management, and self- esteem are offered weekly at drop-in centers.

Street Outreach Program
Awareness Programs   Survivor Counsel  Hygiene Kits  Meal DIstribution

In a nutshell, volunteers in nearly every city we operate walk the streets in known “hotspots” and other areas where youth congregate, in order to distribute food, clothing, hygiene products, resource information, and referrals. Our volunteers make it a point to be accessible at consistent times each week in order to build relationships with homeless youth and help ensure they get connected to other programs we provide, as well as important community resources that we trust.

Emergency Response Team
Gift Cards  Crisis Transportation Hotel Vouchers   Hot Meal   Free Hugs

The everyday power struggles between law enforcement entities and the hidden population of independent teens, otherwise known as TAY, breed youth to be distrustful of programs provided by the government. The ARK of Refuge Leaves No Person Uncounted by indirectly re-building that trust through 24 Hour response to all crisis. This includes gift card disbursement for circumstances cause by victimization, emergency transportation, one (1) to three (3) day Hotel Vouchers and more.


The Problem in California

A new federal report shows California’s homeless population increased by nearly 7% early last year to an estimated 161,548 people, months before the pandemic and subsequent economic crisis spread across the state. In raw numbers, the total rose by 10,270 from January 2019 to January 2020.According to HUD, California reports the highest proportion of unsheltered homelessness in the country, currently averaging 69 percent (HUD, 2018).


This proportion of unsheltered homelessness has grown over the last four years, consistent with the growth observed in the Greater Bay Area . The Ark of Refuge, inc currently assists, Alameda County, San Francisco County and Sacramento County in this fight against communal impoverishment. Our cumulative research has found that the problem is starting before high school graduation while the client is still yet adolescent.

The number of personas experiencing homelessness in the greater Bay Area has increased by 19 percent since 2017. While the percentage of people experiencing chronic homelessness has decreased, among the unsheltered population (-7%). Listed below is the count of residents experiencing homelessness within our service areas, as of 2019.