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Building The Ark
It All Started With Miller High Life...

The story behind the building of the Arks is one of the best we have to tell. It all started with a Taste Of The High Life, Miller. The founding parties of the Ark of Refuge used to recycle cans for funding. So much so there was a consumption of 50 cans a week between the different households who comprise the board. By the end of the month, everyone would pull their cans together so we could turn them in. With over 300 cans per month, we were able to recycle and make around $50 through $70.

Hey, Want A Free Hot Meal ?...

The President of the Ark had been homeless since the age of 16. Likewise, so were her friends. They learned to pool their resources through various outlets. After about 8 years of recycling as a collective, we realized 97% of the cans were Miller beers. We would take the money from recycling Miller cans and buy meat packages to barbecue for the neighborhood. Every month we threw a barbecue at a neighborhood park and all of the community would come out. Most of our attendees were transitional age youth who turned to the streets for support and guidance as well as homeless adults who were staying in encampments. No one was turned away. 

Is This What Being Rich Tastes Like?

Everyone deserves a taste of the High Life, and as we sat on crates we would imagine. For 10 years, we imagined lights being on, running water, warmth and refrigerators. The basics of what people take for granted. It was on the pillars of Miller that we reincorporated the Ark of Refuge, 2011.  Still to this day, we are a Miller family. Of course, there were multiple conversations about the consumption of so many beers. But it was the motivation that mattered. We lost a few board members and retained those who lessened their habit. It wasn't until 2019 we realized, that feeding, while having little to feed ourselves, was in actuality; Outreach.

After a lifetime of Domestic Violence, Childbirth, Stalking , a Homeless Shelter, 197 Therapy Sessions in 90 Days, and a 6 Month Transitional home, the President of The Ark was able to stabilize. Then the concept of the nonprofit was conceived. It was adopted as vow, that no one deserved to endure these types of pains and sufferings. We never distributed food, clothing, or money for any type of recognition but solely because we saw a need in our community that required fulfillment. . So we began to fill them, as a family, without any type of third-party funding. Our members have become our family. Our uncles, aunties, brothers, and sisters underneath the umbrella of the Ark, Thank You. We thank you for your nomination to improving society as a whole and lastly your recognition of the people who  weren't looking for any.

An Active Non-Profit Is Born...
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