Donate Today To Help End Communal Impoverishment.

With the Ark of Refuge there are no color lines.

A donation today can be a life long impact on another and is not confined to age, class, sex, color or creed. Pick a program, sponsor a client or leave a lasting legacy, The Ark of Refuge is centered around prioritizing the needs of future generations. Whether those needs are tangible or mental. Our goal is to heal our nation one person at a time. No matter how much time it may take.

What Impact Does Your Donation Have?


Positive Minds Stipend

$50 - Provides a stipend for a positive speaker to make a presentation to teens during our Luncheons.

Rescue Donor 

$100 - Provides one hour of individual counseling or substance abuse treatment services for a young person who has experienced abuse and neglect, homelessness, community violence, or other types of trauma.

Big Brother / Sister Allowance

$250 - Provides an arrested youth with crisis services such as a one-time commissary deposit and legal advising. As well as one session of optional individual or family therapy before going home.

Run-Away Love

$500 - Provides a runaway or homeless youth with two days in a hotel, a stipend for hot meals, access to medical care, and support services as a result of domestic violence.

Crisis Responder

$1,000 - Provides emergency response for homeless youth in a situation that threatens their safety. The response includes: pick up services, 1 week in a hotel, a stipend for hot meals and additional support.

CARE Grant

$2,000 - Provides every person who attends an Ark of Refuge luncheon with a care package, consisting of : Skin sensitive soap, socks, deodorant, face towels, toothbrushes/toothpaste, razors, combs/brushes and a $25.00 Safeway gift card.

​Indoors Initiative
$5000 - Contributes toward apartment support scholarships distributed in $500 increments per person, tutoring services, and operational expenses. 

Program Support

$8,000 - Contributes to the overall running of all offered programs. These programs are; Food Distribution, Clothing Distribution, Rental Assistance, Monthly  Community Events and Street Outreach. 


Hot Meal Distributions

$10,000 - Helps us throw community events on a monthly basis for a year. This events include a hot meal, games , and opportunities provided by sponsors. These opportunities include employment, raffles and more. Donors are special invitees and honored during these events publicly. 

Power Circle Donors

Donors who contribute $50,000.00 or more on a recurring basis are assisting in the build of our 48 Hour Rest Homes. This outreach center is a daily revolving door. It allows seven (7) homeless persons every 48 hours. They are allowed access to computers, rest, bathe and eat. Admission is based upon sign up. If there is no waiting list , the current attendees are allowed to stay an additional 48 hours. Post 48 hour admission the client is referred to shelters, VA detox centers ,and more. 
Power Circle donors receive a seat in the President’s Circle and special recognition, including invitations to events and briefings related to youth development programs not to include participation in program development.
Board Member Donation

Those who choose to donate 100,000.00 are not just presidents. They become Board members. Board member giving is natural and necessary. Most charitable organizations expect their Board Members to participate in fundraising. Well, we consider our donors to have already done that. We simply ask for a monthly or annual pledge. 
The board is responsible for providing a sound financial basis for the organization. By personally contributing, a board member recognizes this responsibility and demonstrates a commitment. Board members are expected to appear virtually or physically for stakeholder meetings and designate their own organization as one of the main recipients of their generosity. Why? Many foundations only contribute to organizations where every board member is a contributor.