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Must Be:

  • Homeless, Outdoors, in Transition or

  • A recipient of SNAP, Medicare, SSI or TANF & show State Benefit Card. 

  • Must be a resident of the County of distribution.


Street Outreach Program 
Awareness Programs   Survivor Counsel  Hygiene Kits  Meal Distribution

In a nutshell, volunteers in nearly every city we operate walk the streets in known “hotspots” and other areas where youth congregate, in order to distribute food, clothing, hygiene products, resource information, and referrals. Our volunteers make it a point to be accessible at consistent times each week in order to build relationships with homeless youth and help ensure they get connected to other programs we provide, as well as important community resources that we trust.

Mission Statement
Awareness Programs   Survivor Counsel  Hygiene Kits  Meal Distribution

Knowledge is power but only useful in the hands of those that are able to apply it. The mission of the street outreach team is to support and educate those who do not have access to the resources they need to elevate their lifestyles. Each one , teach one. The street outreach team canvasses saturated areas of transient populations in order to disburse meals, hygiene kits, informational pamphlets, clothing for inclement weather, tents, and counsel one on one.  

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